Upcoming to Solihull 9 Ball

January 2020:

Q School. 3 opportunities for players to earn a a season pass for the 6 GO Customs 9 Ball Series events. £30 entry per player sees each of the 48 players entered in to 3 single elimination tournaments. The winner of each tournament wins one of the three season passes.

25th January 2020

February to December 2020 : GO Customs 9 Ball Series. 6 double elimination tournaments spread throughout 2020. As well as over £1000 prize money, up for grabs at each event, 48 players will compete to earn ranking points throughout the season. All players playing off scratch with both 9 and 10 ball played throughout the season. Dates to be confirmed following the announcement of the GB9 tour schedule for 2020.

5th December 2020 : Series Grand Final. The conclusion of our 2020 series. All players, played at least 4 events, return in our double elimination series finale.